The Traasdahls

Living in the country side of Denmark Maise Traasdahl has been riding horses since her mom took her for a ride when she was two years old.

“At 14, one beautiful scandinavian summer night, I parked my bicycle in the side of the road, as I just had to stop and watch an amazing Arabian stallion gracefully dancing across his pasture. Glowing chestnut with four white socks right up to his knees, he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
From that moment I was completely lost in the Bedouin’s high-valued horses. Fast like the wind and gentle like the breeze. I read all I could find about these enchanting horses and the dream of having my own lived inside me for many years.”

The dream finally came true when she and her husband, bought their very own chestnut Arabian stallion, UL Barolo in 2007. In the spring 2018, their daughter Alma Traasdahl, were lucky to have the unique opportunity to buy Thee Fifth Element. An impressive big, glowing chestnut stallion, which is as calm and steady as he is beautiful and his pedigree is long. 

Today the small stud and training center, has become a little family project.  Maise, Benjamin and two of their daughters Alma and Laura has joined the happy life with horses. Together they ride, train and show their horses.

Alma is an ambitious dressage rider and she is training and competing Thee Fifth Element on a daily basis. In 2020 they won the silver medal in the Danish National Dressage championship for pure bred arabian horses. Her goal is set for the European Championship in a couple of years. In the training program – called “Team Traasdahl” they also are joined by the very talented dressage rider Trine Helsgaun.